Our Fellows have made a significant impact in the areas of their expertise through both their personal career progression and their John Smith Fellowship Action Plans.

The heart of the Fellowship is the Action Plan.

The Action Plan is an initiative that usually comes to fruition within one year of the completion of the Fellowship and is of lasting benefit to the Fellows' communities.  Developed during a Fellow's time in the UK it is a piece of work or a policy problem that the Fellow wants to explore in the field of politics, local administration, business, the media, the arts or civil society.  

The subject matter of the action plan is up to the Fellow, and we encourage them to be as bold and innovative as possible but it must contribute to promoting the Rule of Law, good governance and social justice in their own society.

Answering the question

The Fellows write a first draft of their plan as part of the application process. It is then refined during the Programme as a result of one-on-one development meetings, attachments, and the rough and tumble of debate. Not all plans survive in their orginal form, in fact they tend to evolve as the Fellows interact with each other and explore the issue of interest to them. Fellows who get the most out of the programme tend to be those who have thought most about the questions they want answered, even if they don't start out knowing how to answer it.

Sharing the vision

During the last week of the Programme the Fellows present their plans.