Miad Al Balushi

“One day the oil is going to run out. The challenge for Oman is to build alternative sources of employment before that day comes. The creative industries are a natural place for this kind of diversification and Miad is coming to the UK, a world leader in the field, to explore ways in which entrepreneurship is encouraged to combat social exclusion.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Miad works as a Senior International Relations Specialist in the Research Council of the Department of International Relations. Her job entails promoting Oman within the international community of academics and scholars in order to help find both creative and scientific solutions to issues facing Omani society. Miad also plays an active role within civil society; in 2009 she contributed to the creation of an Omani Women’s Day and went on to co-found the first youth led not-for-profit campaign ‘2010 Omani Women’ aimed at highlighting women’s contribution to society over the last 40 years. This resulted in the creation of an art scholarship programme ‘Art Speaks’ which now helps women express themselves through art with the help of leading Omani artists.

Miad’s action plan aims to promote the idea of a creative economy in Oman. She wants to raise awareness as to the importance of a diverse economy where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are fundamental for sustained economic growth. She also aims to harness this creativity and innovation to solve social issues and create job opportunities.