Maimuna Al Sulaimani

Maimuna Al-Sulaimani is the Manager of Legal and Regulatory Affairs for the Oman Environmental Services Holding Company, one of the most renowned organisations in Oman. Prior to this, she was a Senior Manager in Regulatory Strategies and Relations, and Legal Consultancy at Oman Mobile.

In 2004 Maimuna was the first female lecturer at the Sultan Qaboos University in Business Law. Since 2010 she has been a legal coach for HR consultancy firms to raise awareness on legal and regulatory aspects for both employees in public and private sectors. More recently, Maimuna has secured a contract to launch a bilingual legal magazine, Law and Life, the first of its kind in the region. Maimuna holds a BA in Law from the University of Jordan, Amman and an LLM in Commercial Law from the University of Glasgow.

In her view, Rule of Law is a mission she took. For that reason she established Law & Life as an enlightening project to legal awareness. Law & Life is not only the first ever bilingual monthly magazine, but also includes round table discussions; weekly bulletin for English speaking readers living in Oman comes out with the Observer and legal workshops.