Badriya Al Harrasi

Badriya is Head of the Case Follow-Up Team within the Legal Investigation Department of the Omani Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP). In this role she oversees management of the complaints filed by consumers against goods and service providers and the complaints lodged against the PACP before the Administrative Court. She is also responsible for carrying out the implementation of court rulings.  Being a qualified lawyer with considerable experience in civil litigation she serves as a counsel in cases against the PACP. 

As a John Smith Fellow Badriya is keen to share her knowledge and experience of the law with Omani women. Recognising the importance of basic legal education, Badriya will organise and run information campaigns to educate disadvantaged women about what is available within Omani law to address the violation of legal rights. The campaigns will also explain the procedures involved in seeking redress for a violation of rights within the Omani justice system.