Anwar Al Battashi

“As the UN Secretary-General put it recently: “Environmental degradation and rapid urbanization constitute major challenges to human development and security. Robust principles are needed to underpin the management of our future. The rule of law is a core principle of governance that ensures justice and fairness, values which are essential to our humanity.” Anwar’s challenge is make policy makers aware of the relationship between the rule of law and sustainable development.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Anwar is an Urban Planning Specialist for the Special Economic Zone Authority where he is project managing the Design Master Plan for the town of Duqm. Duqm is the biggest Special Economic Zone in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world. He has previously worked as a consultant in sustainable transportation and other areas linked to urban planning and sustainable and social development. Having spent most of his life in Canada, Anwar returned to Oman to further both his career and Omani society by focusing on urban planning, social responsibility and environmental protection.

Anwar’s action plan is to raise awareness of the principles of sustainable development in a country that is undergoing vast demographical, infrastructural and social change. By conveying the importance of such principles to senior government officials as well as overseeing their enforcement he aims to develop the quality of life for every citizen.