Tarek Mkanna

Tarek Mkanna is a Captain in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF). Since 2009 he has been active and directly involved in introducing community policing to the police service and integrating its concepts in the basic training curriculum followed at the Police Academy.

Tarek is also a lecturer in the Senior Leaders Course, an educational program conducted in cooperation with NI-CO (Northern Ireland Co-operation Overseas) and delivered to every ISF Senior officer in the Organisation (from General to Lieutenant rank). His involvement in the Senior Leaders Course concentrates on Community Policing and its practical applications his work aims to raise the awareness of how community policing can help to increase public trust in the police. In August 2012 Tarek was appointed as an Analyst in the Strategic Planning Team in the ISF Police Headquarters. He has a Bachelor´s degree in Law from the Lebanese University in Beirut and a Master´s degree in Public Law/ International Organisations at Sagesse University.

Tarek is implementing a pilot Policing Project aimed at improving the public accountability of the police service and reinforcing civil society´s trust in the ISF.