Rhea Jabbour

Rhea is Legal Manager at L’Oreal handling legal work for the Levant region. Her responsibilities include advising L'Oreal and its subsidiaries on legal issues as well as acting as a public affairs officer in the Levant region.

She is a qualified lawyer and holds a PhD in Comparative Employment Discrimination Law from Paris I, Panthéon-La Sorbonne.  Her doctoral dissertation investigated appearance-based discrimination in US and French employment law.  Rhea is also a motivational coach, certified by the Master Coach University of San Diego, USA.

As a John Smith Fellow Rhea is campaigning for legal reforms aimed at eradicating occupational harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, age and sex.  Given the need to change attitudes across society, Rhea will work to raise awareness about discrimination among private companies, public institutions and the general public. To realise her action plan she will work with legal practitioners, employers, human resources specialists as well as relevant associations and educational institutions.