Ramy Lakkis

Ramy Lakkis is a community organiser, activist and academic. In 1998 he founded the Lebanese Organisation of Studies and Training (LOST) an NGO and research centre that runs a large number of education and networking based programmes. He is also Coordinator of the Business Department at the Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon. Ramy also has a Ph.D in International Relations of the Middle East from the University of Durham.  Ramy is becoming increasingly involved in the decision making process in his community at both local and national levels and is using the communal network  he has established  through LOST to achieve his goals for the benefits of his community. Ramy now hopes to develop LOST by promoting the culture and practice of the Rule of Law in all civic education, youth activism and youth engagement programs that LOST is currently running. He believes that the promotion of these programs will provide better training materials and tools and increase the reach of LOST’s beneficiaries to MPs, NGOs, activists, women, school teachers and youth.  He is currently engaged in establishing an Academy of the Rule of Law in Bekaa in order to achieve these objectives.