Outeiba Merhebi

Outeiba Merhebi is a Lawyer and Human Rights Advocate. She is also the President and Director of Justice and Empowerment, an organisation that aims to serve and empower women and youth in the rural area of North Lebanon.

Outeiba is an active member of the Human Rights Committee at the Tripoli Bar Association. She also works as a trainer in Women’s Rights, spreading awareness in schools and universities and has volunteered as a legal consultant at the Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering since 2003. In 2008 she was also one of the members who signed the Manama Declaration of the Forum on Arabic Women’s Lawyers under the Arab Lawyers Union.

Outeiba’s aim is to uphold the Rule of Law in Lebanon by instilling a recognised set of human rights norms and standards. She is focused on understanding the operations and policies of human rights agencies. Specifically, how practising lawyers, judges and human rights defenders who are threatened or oppressed in their work are protected, how human rights law is advocated both within and outside the legal profession and lastly, the level of support given to non-legal human rights organisations and individuals.