Nabil Frem

Nabil Frem is Senior Protection Assistant at the UNHCR in Beirut. In his role he is responsible for: providing direct legal advice to refugees including those residing in detention units; developing programmes to address the needs of the refugee community in compliance with UNHCR policies;  providing guidance and training to partnering organisations in relation to refugee law, asylum seeking procedures; and communication with local authorities. Nabil is a qualified lawyer with a Master degree in International Law. He previously worked for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) handling the judiciary’s file for detainees within the framework of the Ministry of Justice Project on penal reform and for  the Lebanese Police Training Program, International Narcotics and Law where he has a Language Assistant.

Nabil’s Action Plan features three related objectives focused on developing a programme to provide effective legal advice to refugees in the ‘Tripoli +5 (T5)’ area,  which comprises 6 districts: Tripoli, El Koura, El Batroun, Bcharre, Zgharta, and El Minnie-Dennie.  Delivering the programme will include: mapping detention units located in the area; establishing a local legal network to improve provision of legal counselling and legal representation; and building a lasting partnership between the UNHCR Protection Team and relevant local authorities such as the municipalities and ISF police stations in the T5 area.