Maya Terro

“Article 11 of ICESCR encompasses the right to food as a human right. The Foodblessed project is an innovative way of sharing excess food which faces a legal impediment to its development. Maya would like to find a way around this and UK experience with similar projects will help.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Maya Terro is a candidate for the upcoming Lebanese parliamentary elections after having won a new political reality TV show in Lebanon called ‘The Leader.’ Chosen from around 1200 applicants she joined 14 other young, aspiring politicians for a two and a half month period, which saw them navigate through a series of political and leadership challenges and trainings for the winning prize; a fully funded election campaign to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, and is now running as an independent candidate in Beirut.

Maya is a social and civil activist with a particular interest in corporate social responsibility. In 2012 she co-founded ‘Foodblessed’, a local hunger-relief initiative which works with businesses and civil society to reduce the number of people going hungry in Lebanon. However, liability is currently a major obstacle faced by food donors in Lebanon. Therefore Maya is building on her ‘Foodblessed’ project by drafting a law that will protect donors rights and intentions. Maya also wants to see less food going to waste by conducting an awareness campaign and educating people on how to be less wasteful.