Jana Bou Reslan

“Freedom of expression is a corner stone of the rule of law. Finding mediums through which people can express themselves and platforms through which dialogue can be encouraged is a challenge in all societies. The iPoetry portal is a genuine innovation and connects with projects that Ali Al Saeed (JSMT Fellow 2012) is developing in Bahrain.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Jana Bou Reslan is a lecturer at La Sagesse University in Beirut. She has worked in various other universities and as an English teacher and School Development Officer. She has an MBA and is now pursuing a PhD in Education from Saint Louis University, Missouri.

Jana’s action plan focuses on promoting freedom of expression by giving young people an interactive space via a web portal called ‘iPoetry’. Through this platform young people would have a creative tool to express themselves through poetry and creative writing. It is a method that she has used successfully within her university and hopes to develop further so that it eventually includes videos, podcasts and a live-stream channel in Lebanon.