Haissam Minkara

Haissam Minkara is the Humanitarian Partnerships Programme Manager at Oxfam. He recently served as Elections Security Advisor for the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum in Yemen. Haissam has ten years of experience in civil society work and strong international experience. He has also worked in journalism, academic research and political analysis which has been strengthened through humanitarian response work, capacity building and training, elections administration and security, elections observation, political reform advocacy, specialized research for academic purposes and media. Haissam's research interests include democracy in multi-ethnic societies, media and crisis management, and the role of civil society in democratic development. He has been part of five international observation missions in Sudan, Egypt and Jordan, and four national elections in Lebanon since 2004. He worked on various regional projects with Oxfam, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the Carter Center, the National Democratic Institute, Democracy Reporting International, UNDP, the Arab Thought Foundation, and the British Council. Haissam holds an MA in Political Sciences from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, an MA in Mass Communication and a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Balamand in Lebanon.