Ghada Sabbagh

Ghada Sabbagh is a Project Officer at the International Monetary Fund. She was previously an Associate at Levant Law Practice, where she works as a member of the legal team defending the victims of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The Special Tribunal´s primary mandate is to hold trials for the people accused of carrying out the attack of 14 February 2005 which killed 23 people, including the former prime minister of Lebanon, Rafiq Hariri, and injured many others.

Before this, in 2011, Ghada started work as a Legal Manager at Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights, where she dealt primarily in issues relating to the harassment and discrimination against LGBTI and human trafficking. A few months later the organisation met with financial and managerial problems resulting in the organisation´s prospective closure. Ghada stepped in to manage this crisis and secured funding to keep the organisation in operation long enough for it to complete its active projects. Ghada has also worked as a Senior Protection Assistant for UNHCR – working in Lebanese detention centres with Iraqi, Sudanese and Syrian refugees and has an MA in Public Law from University La Sorbonne, Paris. She has been a member of the Beirut Bar Association since May 2005.

Ghada is establishing a network of legal clinics in Lebanon to provide pro bono legal services to vulnerable communities as well as providing a space for law students to experience different legal environments and train as reflective lawyers.