Abdalla Mkanna

“Abdalla is working at the front line of the Syrian crisis dealing with health care for refugees. He wants to engage with British professionals in the field to develop an assessment system that can help match aid to need more effectively.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Abdalla Mkanna works as an Emergency Public Health Specialist at the International Organization for Migration. He supervises the management and administration of emergency health related projects for Lebanon’s overall emergency response programme which includes substantial coordination with national and international health and humanitarian assistance organisations. He has previously worked as a Health Supervisor for the INGO Premier Urgence – Aide Medicale Internationale, where he was involved in the supervision of various health projects, predominantly those centred on providing healthcare for Syrian refugees.

Abdalla plans on establishing an effective health plan for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The needs of the refugees have developed and changed since the start of the crisis in 2011 and an up-to-date knowledge would provide for a more tailored and cost-effective approach to their health care. Abdalla is therefore looking to conduct a needs assessment that analyses their most pressing health requirements while also developing a monitoring system to measure the overall efficiency of humanitarian aid in this area.