Tamara Al Abbadi

Tamara Alabbati is an accomplished trainer having delivered workshops for young people on topics such as peer education, community leadership, public health, networking, drama and theatre. Her expertise lies in Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Relations, Marketing and Social Development. She is an experienced project manager within both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors as well as international organisations. In addition to Jordan, where she lives, Tamara’s international professional and voluntary assignments have taken her to Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Chile, Kenya, Serbia, the UK and the US. In her current role as Marketing and Communications Manager at the Advisory Group in Amman she is responsible for the company’s strategic communications as well branding. 

Combining her experience as an instructor and trainer with her long-standing commitment to social development Tamara is keen to design and deliver vocational training programmes and self-development workshops for 15-22 year-old refugees in Jordan helping them discover and explore their interests and talents. The Plan will be delivered in co-operation with local Jordanian NGOs working refugee support.