Rami Salah

Rami Salah is Deputy Attorney General within the Department of the Jordanian Attorney General. Rami’s legal career includes acting as a Public Prosecutor and a Legal Counsel. His area of special interest is asset recovery and, at present, Rami is the only Jordanian Prosecutor specialising in this area of law. Rami’s other prosecuting experience includes fraud, theft and offences against the person. Being an expert in mutual legal assistance, Rami currently participates in a Joint Israeli-Jordanian Investigation Team examining accidental killings on the Jordanian-Israeli border.

As a John Smith Fellow Rami intends to share his expertise on asset recovery and mutual legal assistance with Jordanian prosecutors. He is working towards developing a national training strategy which will become integral to the curriculum of the Judicial Training Institute. Rami is also keen to create a National Asset Recovery Team bringing together practitioners from across the relevant departments involved in asset recovery cases including the Attorney General’s Office, the Public Prosecution Office and the Anti-money Laundering, Public Security and Anti-corruption departments.