Maha Oudat

“Young people represent such a significant proportion of the population of the Middle East that they will determine its political future. To challenge fundamentalist and extremist voices with as simple an idea as explaining to young people their own constitution and helping them understand their own political system is a project that could also be useful in parts of the UK.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Maha Oudat is Vice President of the General Federation of Jordanian Women, an NGO focused on enhancing the political, social and economic status of women in Jordan. She comes from the southern region of Ma’an, which is the largest in Jordan and where the marginalisation of women is an ongoing cause for concern. As part of her goal to help eradicate such marginalisation Maha established the first local women’s charity in 2007. Meanwhile Maha’s personal experience as President of the Women’s Federation in Ma’an Governorate and Head of the Women’s Development Division, at the University of Al-Hussein Bin Talal has made her a role model for young Jordanian women.

Maha aims to promote the rule of law by collaborating with civil society organisations and universities to raise awareness amongst the Jordanian youth about the country’s constitution and respect for the rule of law.