Lina Salah

Lina Salah is a Social Media and Traditional Media Analyst for the Levant Region at the US Embassy in Amman. She previously worked for the United Nations International Labour Organisation as a Project Coordinator on a special action programme to combat human trafficking and forced labour. In this role she worked closely with the Ministries of Labour, Justice and Public Security as well as NGOs and labour Unions. As a result of her work Jordan passed its first anti-human trafficking law in 2009.  

Through her work as Social Media Analyst Lina has found that Jordanian youth are not engaging in active politics but increasingly channeling their political opinions through social media outlets. As a result the views of young people on social, economic and political issues are largely ignored by the Jordanian government. Lina’s aim therefore is to close this gap between the Government and young people. She hopes to educate the Jordanian youth about political processes and citizenship, and raise their level of political participation.