Lama Afana

Lama Afana is a Consultant for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) where she advises on the local economic development and institutional capacity building of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) in Jordan. She has extensive expertise in the NGO and international development sector, having worked as a Project Manager for a variety of EU and USAID funded organisations. Her particular areas of interest include community development, women and youth empowerment, as well as institutional capacity building. Lama has previously worked as Projects Manager for both the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, and CARE International.

Lama’s Action Plan aims to strengthen civil society in Jordan by developing its role in holding government to account and monitoring its performance. Lama aims to create a trained group of civil society members and equip them with the skills and knowledge to monitor government performance. The results of the group’s research will then be shared online in order to promote dialogue and discussion between government and Jordanian citizens.