Dana Al Dairani

Dana Al Dairani is Training Manager at AMIDEAST Jordan, which is an American not-for-profit organisation engaged in international education, training and development activities in the Middle East and North Africa.  Her responsibilities include developing and managing educational development programs and initiatives to support Jordanian communities as they grow into agents of positive change and development. Dana’s expertise includes education management, social development, youth empowerment, capacity building for volunteer forces and fundraising. As a Syrian national who has previously worked for the Syria Development Trust in Damascus, Dana has first-hand knowledge of designing and implementing innovative community-based social development programmes. 

As a John Smith Fellow Dana is keen to establish the Syrian Development Academy to identify and celebrate young Syrian leaders in recognition of their achievements and contributions to improving social, cultural and economic life in Syria. The Academy will forge co-operation with several established NGOs and INGOs and will encourage local communities in Syria to engage in the betterment of their lives.