Ali Al-Museimi

Ali Al-Museimi is Director of the Human Rights and Family Affairs Department for the Ministry of Justice in Jordan. In this position he is responsible for all projects in collaboration with the European Union and USAID and works as the Liaison Officer for Northern Ireland Co-operation Overseas (NICO) and the Ministry of Justice in the UK as part of a project to improve criminal justice in Jordan. Through working with a variety of international partners, Ali is works on issues such as juvenile justice, combating torture and improving the government’s capacity to end trafficking in Jordan.  Ali is also a Judge and has many years’ experience working in different courts in Jordan. 

Ali is developing and implementing the concept of ‘community sanctions’ as an alternative to prison for offenders in Jordan. By doing so he hopes to create a fairer criminal justice system that is better equipped to rehabilitate offenders into the community, while reducing the number of people being sent to prison.