Yousif Abdul Raheem

“One of the universal challenges for all citizens is to know and understand their rights. Access to healthcare is a human right. Yousif’s ambition is to combine these things in a unique way.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Dr Yousif Abdul Raheem is Assistant Dean for Students Affairs in the Al-Kindy College of Medicine at the University of Baghdad. He joined the college’s Public Health Department in 2004 and has worked as a Lecturer, Coordinator for the Department and, for two years, Head of the Department.

Aside from his work at the University of Baghdad, Yousif is Vice President of the NGO ‘Health for All’. ‘Health for All’ provides educational services and health care, both preventative and curative, for disadvantaged local people, internally displaced people and refugees from other countries. Between 2010-2012 Yousif was Editor-in-Chief of the Al-Kindy College Medical Journal and is a member of many medical associations in Iraq.

Yousif’s action plan is to establish a mobile clinic that is capable of providing basic health services and rights based education for displaced citizens and Syrian refugees in Iraq. The clinic will provide essential healthcare while also teaching about sanitation, hygiene, and basic human rights.