Torhan Al Mufti

Dr Torhan Al-Mufti is Minister of Communications in the Government of Iraq.

Torhan has been involved in politics since 2003 as an elected member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council representing the Iraq Turkmen Front. As Minister of Provincial Affairs his main duties involve overseeing the decentralisation of the Iraqi Government, transferring duties from a number of Government Ministries to local governments. Torhan also sits on a number of committees dedicated to reforming work in a number of fields including the Iraqi Investment Board.

Torhan's action plan to establish a Strategic Studies and Research Centre in Iraq with a very strong media department and develop relations with similar centres internationally. His aims for the centre include building a modern library and using a number of experienced trainers and researchers to develop a sound strategy for advancing Iraq’s international relations in the MENA region.

Torhan has a scientific background in Geology and a PhD in Geochemistry.