Safa Mahdi Al Alqgi

“Safa is passionate about the future of his country and determined to be part of the process of bringing about peace and security. For him the rule of law is central to the stabilisation that is needed and he wants to understand more about how it can be effectively mobilised in the cause of peace.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Safa Mahdi Ubeid Al Alqgi is the Chief Security Manager at CHF International, a USAID funded international humanitarian relief organisation. Since 2006 he has held various positions within CHF such as Operations Coordinator and Security Director before becoming Chief Security Manager in 2011. Safa is primarily responsible for planning, developing and implementing security plans and programs such as Emergency Response and Crisis Management, Physical Security, Information Protection and Incident Management. His role also includes the coordination of humanitarian aid in post-conflict areas through the implementation of infrastructure projects to help new governments build stability and improve their services, and supporting microfinance programmes as part of a peace-building initiative at local level.

Safa’s action plan is to lead a research project which details the successes of Iraq’s post-conflict rehabilitation process while also identifying the current challenges that face Iraq in terms of building a strong society guided by the rule of law. Safa hopes that this project will ultimately act as a case study for post-conflict rehabilitation across the region.