Namo Majeed

Namo Majeed is a Founder and the Executive Director of the Civil Society Initiative (CSI), an NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. CSI works with many national and international organizations to raise awareness of human and civil rights, women and children’s rights, constitutional awareness, and anti-corruption in the region. Namo also works as an active member of the Federation of Civil Society Organizations and as Deputy of the General Coordinator of the Environmental Friends Network, which has been recently established as an initiative to advocate for the right to a clean environment.

Previously, Namo worked as a journalist. He was Editor-in-Chief of Rozhhalat Newspaper, Director of the News Studio at Toilers’ Television Station, and a Board member at Hangaw Magazine for Humanitarian Culture.

Namo’s Action Plan is to promote the United Nations Rule of Law Indicators in Kurdistan. These are a set of indicators designed to help post-conflict states and other countries in transition to strengthen governance through the efficient administration of justice, effective policing and proper management of correctional institutions. He plans to urge the government to approve implementation of the United Nations Rule of Law Indicators through lobbying, media programs, publications, roundtables, and campaigning. He hopes to gather support from local NGOs and the UN in the advocacy of these activities. The overall outcomes he is aiming for are: