Hazim Hamed

Hazim Mahmoud Hamed is an Adviser to the Iraqi Presidency, specialising in public policy and government affairs.

In 2006 he worked as Chief of Staff and Adviser to the Iraqi Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation. In this role he was assigned to represent the Minister at a number of local and international conferences. Hazim was promoted to Director General in the Iraqi Presidency in 2008 where he advised on economic development, social support and public administration issues.

Hazim began his career in 1999 as a university lecturer. He later worked as an Executive Assistant to the Head of Mission in Iraq for the International Federation of the Red Cross and in 2003 moved to Beijing where he worked as a news editor for the Chinese News Agency Xinhua, reporting primarily on Iraqi and Middle East news. Upon his return to Iraq in 2004 Hazim worked as a Professional Political Officer for the United Nations.

Hazim studied public administration and leadership at Maxwell School, Syracuse University, New York, USA and has completed a PhD on Political Discourse.

Hazim used his Fellowship experience to advance a best practice of leadership in his country by setting up a non-political working group involving civil society  and government civil servants to build a roadmap for development in Iraq.