Haval Raoof

Haval Raoof is a Rule of Law Advisor to the United States Consulate in Erbil. In this role Haval liaises with the many departments within the KRG executive branch including the Council of Ministers. He also works as a Judicial Expert in both Iraq and France. In 2008, he supervised the reconciliation process between the Iraqi High Judicial Council and the Regional Judicial Council, establishing contact between the two for the first time since the civil war in 1991. At the same meeting, the two chief justices signed a four points Memorandum of Understanding. In 2009, he personally initiated and led a project to develop a comprehensive Rule of Law strategy for the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which resulted in the publication of the KRGĀ“s Rule of Law 10-Year Plan.

Haval is a member of the Iraqi Bar Association and Kurdistan Bar Association and also has a PhD in International Business, Trade and Tax Law from the University of Strasbourg. His action plan will focus on the interactivity between various Rule of Law related institutions and organisations in the UK, he is particularly interested in exploring issues related to access to justice.