Asmaa Al Ameen

Asmaa Al Ameen is Co-ordinator at the UN Iraq Operations Centre (UNOPS). In her role she is involved in a series of projects related to the National Dialogue and Reconciliation Programme and general civil society development initiatives in Iraq. An expert in capacity building and organisational development, Asmaa has advised over 15 regional and national Iraqi NGOs working to combat torture and human rights violations. She is also an accomplished trainer having run courses on project management, conflict resolution and the protection of human rights for the non-profit sector and the police forces in Iraq. Asmaa is active in the Access to Justice Network which aims to establish a Legal Clinic offering free legal advice to members of displaced groups and participants of the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme.

Asmaa’s Action Plan focuses on the rights of prisoners and detainees and will be delivered in Kirkuk in the Kurdistan region. The three-step Plan includes: building the capacity of the 15 existing regional NGOs, which monitor human rights abuses so that they can eliminate torture and human rights abuses of prisoners; setting up an umbrella network consisting of the participating NGOs; and running an awareness campaign – via participating NGOs – among the police force and the general public.