Mona Hejes

“It is vitally important that the defense of human rights can operate above party politics and in defense of ordinary people. Mona’s proposal addresses these issues head on and seeks to create a neutral space from which human rights and the rule of law can be defended.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Dr Mona Hejres is a WHO medical expert in Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In 2006 she was designated as a representative for the Arab-speaking world in WHO meetings and conferences across the globe. She is also Acting Medical Registrar in the Office of Licensure & Registration in Bahrain.

Mona started her career as a doctor in the Accident and Emergency Department of the Bahrain Defence Forces Hospital, a significant achievement as she was the first female doctor to work in the emergency department of any hospital in Bahrain. Her other professional achievements include establishing the National Committee for the Licensing and Monitoring of Practicing Medical Professionals and leading a working group charged with developing domestic legislation for the regulation of the medical profession.

Mona is also an avid human rights campaigner. In 2011 she established the Freedom and Human Rights Department under the National Unity Assembly of Bahrain to promote reconciliation and respect for human rights. Since completing the Fellowship she has established “Together for Human Rights” - an NGO which will campaign against violations of human rights and work independently of any political affiliation. It will monitor and document the human rights situation in Bahrain, with the ultimate aim of promoting good governance and the rule of law. Indeed, Together for Human Rights monitored the recent Bahraini elections.