Fahad Al Binali

“Holding the police to account is a challenge in all societies, and Fahad’s position at the new Ombudman’s Office is a critical one at a critical time in the history of Bahrain.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Fahad Al-Binali is Head of International Co-operation and Development at the Ministry of Interior Ombudsman Office. Much of Fahad’s work centres on the creation and development of an independent monitoring and inspection mechanism. Fahad has been working closely with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) in the UK and sharing best practice from HMIP with the Director of Monitoring of Rehabilitation and Detention Facilities in Bahrain. Fahad is also responsible for liaison between the Ombudsman office and foreign Embassies in Bahrain, and conducting research into international human rights treaties, standards and principles in areas that relate to individuals’ rights.

Fahad’s aim is to develop the Ombudsman Office to ensure that it functions with independence, impartiality, transparency and accountability. He anticipates that by creating an office that adheres to these values there will be positive implications for the rest of Bahrain. Fahad also aims to play an active role in developing Bahraini understanding of universality of basic human rights. He hopes to achieve this by raising awareness and nurturing a civil society that is guided by the principles of universal human rights and equality.