Ali Abbas Yusuf

Ali Abbas Yusuf is an IT expert working in the field of cyber security, strengthening websites from a variety of online threats. He is currently working for ALBA (Aluminium Bahrain), one of the largest aluminium smelters in the world as a Public Relations Coordinator. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of First New Web, a Bahraini IT company that provides various services and products, such as Web-Hosting, Website Developments, Domain Registration, IT Security, Windows Based Application Programming, Mobile Application Programming (Android & iOS). In addition, he has created various Client/Server and peer-to-peer programmes which have enabled employees of various companies to share resources and communicate more efficiently.

Ali’s Action Plan is focused on the creation of a bilingual online volunteerism directory. He has a strong belief in the positive impacts of volunteering on society, particularly amongst young people and therefore wants to create a website to facilitate communication between volunteers and organisations. By allowing volunteers to find host organisations and detailing opportunities that are available, he hopes to increase the employability and professional skills of Bahrain’s unemployed whilst also helping host organisations to coordinate more efficiently and ultimately provide a better service.