Instead of asking ‘why?’, ask ‘why not?’


On 22nd February, twenty-four new John Smith Fellows were welcomed to the Trust by being introduced to the inspiring words of the Rt. Hon John Smith himself, “Instead of asking ‘why?’, ask ‘why not?’” – this led us straight into the first workshop of the Fellowship ‘stakeholder mapping’ with JST’s Academic Programme Director, Dr Brian Brivati – Fellows were encouraged to think about their action plan ideas in greater detail in and greater breadth, asking ‘why not?’. They then has the opportunity to share with one another any existing experiences that may be of help in refining their projects over next three-weeks. Following this, we heard from Kate Ives of Integrity Research on different theories of change and how these might be relevant to implementing Fellows’ action plans.

In the afternoon, Fellows participated in Paul Jamieson’s fun and energising teambuilding workshop before enjoying a trip on the London Eye, giving spectacular sunset views over London and sitting down to a group dinner at the National Portrait Gallery’s rooftop restaurant.

Welcome Fellows! 

Group Shot1