EVENT: 12th June. John Smith Fellows reflect on Scottish Referendum


Throughout the next week our Fellows will be in Edinburgh and Glasgow, reflecting on what they make of the Scottish Referendum campaigns and the debate surrounding it.

They will receive a balanced overview lecture and introduction from Professor John Curtice followed by comments from Lord Purvis from the Better Together Campaign and the Steve Noon of the Yes Campaign. They will visit and see in action the two campaigns and meet with activists from both.

Fellows will then be put into two teams - a Better Together team and a YES team. Their task will be to evaluate the referendum against five key areas.

1) The democratic legitimacy of the referendum as a means of making political decisions. This obviously relates to current debates across the former Soviet space. 

2) The framing of the question in the referendum and its relationship to wider issues concerning the future of nation states. This goes to the heart of debates around the efficacy of different democratic models.

3) The conduct of the two campaigns and the strengths and weaknesses of both as examples of strategic communications challenges.

4) The implications for domestic politics, economy and society of the result of a YES vote and what change might be expected as the result of a narrow NO or a convincing NO. 

5) The implications for the UK’s place in the world if there is a YES vote and how this will pan out in the future in terms of memberships of international organisations like the EU but also the deeper debate about the influence of this vote on other separatist movements around the world. What difference would a NO vote make?

On Thursday 12th June, from 2pm to 4pm, the two teams will present their findings in two 15-minute presentations and there will follow a general and concluding discussion. 

For more details, or if you would like to attend then please RSVP to Corrine.Vibert@johnsmithtrust.org.


You can view the profiles of all the John Smith Fellows here: http://www.johnsmithmemorialtrust.org/our-fellows.aspx