Discussions, visits and networking


Week two of the Programme began with a workshop looking at the Rule of Law and Civic Engagement.

The first session of the day was led by Robert McCorquodale, Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law talking about the practical relevance of the Rule of Law in a UK context. Next, in Policing and the Rule of Law, there were very interesting discussions relating to the polices’ relationships with local people, public perceptions of the police and how such perceptions of police can impact upon observance of the rule of law. Each of our speakers came with a unique perspective on these questions but the consensus reached was that policing should be based on mutual respect between the public and police. The issue that remains is how this can be managed.


Photo 2

Dr Justice Tankebe, Sara Thornton and Roger Graef discuss Policing and the Rule of Law

After lunch Lord Carlile talked about the idea of equality, from female suffrage in the early 20th Century to the issue of same-sex marriage in 2013 and how ‘universal’ values can be tailored to reflect changing social attitudes and respect cultural differences.  The day concluded with Jane Ashworth from Street Games and Natalie Richards from Social and Local discussing the different models of social enterprise that are available in the UK and the importance of choosing the right model to achieve what you want.

On Monday Fellows had another workshop on the Accountability of the Executive: sessions included Nick Hardwick, the UK’s Chief Inspector of Prisons and JST’s Janet Boston discussing the Rule of Law and the Accused. Professor Paul Dixon from Kingston University took the Fellows through the Northern Ireland Peace Process. And Lord Hunt and Brian Cathcart debated over Accountability in the UK System through a case study of the Leveson Inquiry and its aftermath.


Jordanian Fellows (1)

 Jordanian Fellows working together on Monday 11th November


On Tuesday we visited Parliament where various MPs and Peers dropped in to talk to the Fellows, we would like to thank Stephen Timms MP, Baroness Falkner of Margravine, Mike Gapes MP and Gisela Stuart MP, Lord Clinton-Davis, Peter Bottomley MP, and Baroness Jolly for joining us; and to Baroness Smith for hosting us. It was a fantastic day!

On Wednesday Fellows went off on their attachment visits by re-grouped in the evening for a reception at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office hosted by the Rt. Hon Hugh Robertson MP, Undersecretary of State.

IMG 0005

2013 Rule of Law Fellows receiving their Programme Certificates from the Rt. Hon Hugh Robertson

The following day Fellows returned to the FCO for meetings with the Desk Officers for their countries.